Monday, October 17, 2011

What's up?

I've been busy lately with real life and other sort of things but these are the ones I'm currently contributing on:
Here's a team project between me, Renasci and Mikel:

Original By Ocean-X
Remake/Rebuild by Autumn Bird

This game was originally developed by a team of university students from China back in 2003. The game was a huge hit because FMA was really big at that time. The game has to cease production and the team had to disband because they  were making profit out of copyrighted materials. This was the result of it. 
A group of huge FMA fans decided that it was a nicely produced fangame so they decided to translate it at least at first. Then they noticed more and more like the engine is pretty bad for what the original team wanted to do for it. In the end it became a REBUILD/REMAKE minus the making profit from it part.

Here's some video:

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