Thursday, February 16, 2012

This blog needs a CPR

Mostly because I left it for dead for a long time now.
We were supposed to do a RPGMaker VXAce Sample Game in English called, Princess Princess. It started as a PILOT type of game made in the Trial version of VXAce. We were given the honors of making it a sample game~

No, we're NOT getting paid for this :P
Just being able to work a game on VXAce and Sample Game is enough for me, hahaha.

I've been more active on this blog instead. The Goal was to give everyone Free Resources while we're at it. As long as you have a legal license of RMVX and RMVXA, you're free to use them, modify them, whatever; As long as credit is given of course~

As for what the game looks like right now, the RMN page should be good enough to show some screenshots since its PILOT days to the Full Version~ But I'll post some here just in case. Estimated release date is around End of February or Beginning of March. Depends on Enterbrain.

A Scene



Very Blue Menu!

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