Monday, April 1, 2013

2012 Milestones

The year 2012 is a great year for me despite the downsides. It's been that year where a once thought, impossible dream came true. That dream being to work for Enterbrain -specifically- for RPG Maker. I'm glad I stuck throughout the community since I was 13 and everyone who supported me along the way. 

So, what have I been working on? Mostly work and working for other people really. 2012 was also amazing at the amount of games I have released with rhyme. She's amazing. There's also ones with Liberty, Deckiller, Kyrsty, Indrah, Scinaya, EvilEagles, Elements, basically the whole PP crew, Diedrupo and Chaos. I feel kind of awesome having awesome friends to help me and motivate me all throughout. Helping them with their games is pretty awesome too ;w;

There's two not listed because, well, they're a bit, yeah. I want to remake them someday lol. The amazing part this counts as 7 games if I include those two. I love the number 7 so it was...amusing. Lucky number yo, in 2012 nevertheless!

October 2012
RPG Maker VX Ace Trailer!
Porcupine Princess and PP 1.5 is in it!
A collaborative project with all the awesome peeps in RMN. 
Lead by Liberty.

July 2012
Episode 1.5 of Princess Princess. 
Worked with Rhyme and #PP crew.

A game by SorceressKyrsty.
I made some stuffs for it!
Game with Chaos and Happy. 
I would beta test the latest version...
if he didn't release it too soon.

June 2012

Worked with Rhyme. Had 3 days to draw and write the story.
I think I had all sorts of other deadlines too, lol.
Kyrsty and EE helped a lot with my English to be comprehensible at least.

Onwards to 2013!

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