Wednesday, June 4, 2014

17 Hours, Countdown Stream, Gameplay Shots and SMAAAああああああSHED Goals!

Hi, everyone!

I took some gameplay snippets from the OMORI demo and put together an OMORI Gameplay video; it’s the happiest and cutest side from OMORI but the best horror games start out the happiest, don’t they? ^o^/

A little bit on the horror aspect of the game: The game will get pretty scary at times; there initially won't be many pop-ups. The game is probably be considered more “messed up” than “scary”. However, there are some alternate endings in the game that can spawn from your actions… and those can get a little freaky. Basically, if something scary happens to you, you asked for it. ^o^/

Anyway! Check out the video, show your friends, family, and your pets, we have 17 hours left to go! Let’s try to hit the Nintendo 3DS stretch goal!!

We've already passed the next stretch goal: <b>The OMORI Walkthrough/Artbook</b> (one book) is now available to all backers by pledging an extra $35 above your tier! (i.e. Pledging $15 for the game + $35 for the walkthrough/artbook = $50 pledge). Also, if you are international you will NOT need to pay extra to ship your book. It's on us!! We will be surveying everyone after the Kickstarter to ensure that you receive the prizes that you are pledging for.

In addition, a PDF version of the book will now be given as a bonus to EVERYONE who pledges over $55. Congratulations!!

I noticed that a lot of people were asking about the artbook and walkthrough so I'd thought I would clear some things up.

1) The OMORI artbook and walkthrough is compiled into one book.

2) The art will be spread along the walkthrough pages, and the groundwork + concept work will have it's own section at the back of the book.

3) Artwork includes concept work, old versions of sprites/monsters/other things, graphic novel pages from the (unfinished) OMORI graphic novel, draft work for the posters and any other promotional material, the art from the game trailer / in-game cutscenes, and more!

4) The book is expected to be approx. 100-125 pages.

5) The PDF version of the walkthrough which you can get by donating at least $55 comes with the art portion of the book as well. You can donate as little at $36 to just get the walkthrough/artbook without purchasing the game.

We've reached the Japanese localization stretch goal!! We added this goal due to the unexpected and overwhelmingly positive reception this game received in Japan, and now it has been fulfilled! The game will now be translated into Japanese.

We are still not sure if we are going to have two separate versions of the game or have a language option in-game, so we will be taking a survey at the end of the Kickstarter to ensure you get the language you want.

Let me know if you have any more questions! I'll be answering through the comments all today over at the kickstarter page. Good luck, everyone! I won't be sleeping tonight!



Orochii Zouveleki said...

Didn't knew about this until now, and hell now I'm pretty excited ;v;. I hope I can get an walkthrough-artbook somehow, someday. Not because of walkthrough but because of the art <3. Will it be sold separately or something?

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